D. Va against Ana

Who will win? I am a fan of D.Va! D.Va combines power and mobility. It is equipped with two automatic atomic guns for close combat, and can also overcome obstacles and fly over enemies with the help of accelerators. Using a protective matrix, D.Va knocks projectiles flying into it. Abilities Atomic guns: D.Va is armed with two cannons with a rotating block of trunks. They have a short range. These guns do not need reloading and cause high damage, but during the shooting D.Va moves more slowly. Light gun: Once outside his bellows, D.Va can continue the battle using an automatic blaster with an average firing range. Accelerators:D.Va takes off into the air and rushes forward. In flight, she can turn, change direction and ram enemies, knocking them back. Protective matrix: D.Va can briefly use the active hemisphere protection system to bring down projectiles flying into it. Micro rockets: D.Va fires rockets. Self destruction: D.Va leaves his car, putting the reactor into an overload condition, after which the fur explodes, causing huge damage to nearby enemies. Call mecha: If her armored exoskeleton is destroyed, D.Va can cause new mecha and return to battle. Do you recognize the second hero?)

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